Restube Swim (honey black/icemint)


The Restube Swim is aimed at open water swimmers and triathletes. It is lighter in weight and has an improved belt with a ‘stick’ with insert that prevents the Restube from moving around your waist from your back to your stomach.

Self-inflatable buoyancy aid for active open water swimmers & triathletes.

With a weight of 210g, this is the lightest and smallest Restube. Due to its compact size and ultra-light material, it is the choice for open water swimmers. With buoyancy of the buoy is 75 N, it is suitable for all body sizes.

Restube benefits:
Option to inflate manually and easily drag like a buoyancy buoy in about 5 breaths.
The Restube gives you a safe feeling and is there in case you need it because of cramps, rough conditions, fatigue or any kind of distress.
The Restube is also easy to pass on to other swimmers in need.

Like all Restube models, made in Germany and extremely durable. Made from high quality parts and materials, and built in an environmentally friendly way without the use of PVC.

The Restube Swim includes a small pocket for keys and emergency whistle for emergency use.

RESTUBE is USAT & IRONMAN approved for racing.

Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 4 cm
Weight: 210g

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