The history of Restube

A few years ago, the founder of Restube found himself in a critical situation in the water. Ever since, we want water sports to be safer for our friend and ourselves. This is how Restube has been developed. Over the years we have developed various Restube variants, so that every water sports enthusiast has a suitable Restube.

Restube leisure

The Restube brand 

Every little detail of Restube is developed in Germany. In close university partnerships with our ambassadors and professional lifesafers, we are constantly improving the Restube technology for you. Restube provides that lives are saved on the water. Restube’s motto is: “When a small idea starts to change our world”.

Restube Outdoor
Restube Diving

Restube wholesaler and distributor of the Benelux 

Restube is the wholesaler and distributor of Restube products in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our ambition is to make water sports safer and more enjoyable through Restube.

Our product range

Restube has a wide range to make water sports safer. Our Restubes are divided into three categories, namely Recreation & Family, Sports & Competition and Professional use. 

Recreation & Family

The Restubes under the Recreation & Family category provide more freedom and safety with your family and children in the sea, the lake or other large waters. The following Restubes fall under the Recreation & Family category

  • Restube Basic
  • Restube Classic
  • Restube Automatic

Sports & Competition

Restube is more than just buoyancy. Restube has also developed Restubes for sports and competition for more safety in the water. The following Restubes fall under the Sports & Competition category

  • Restube Swim
  • Restube Sports

Professional use

Restube have also developed for professional use. These Restubes ensure that other swimmers can be rescued. The following Restubes fall udner the Professional use category

  • Restube Lifeguard
  • Restube Automatic


Become a Restube dealer

Restube is distributed in the Benelux by Q Watersports. We stand for quality products for a good price, a fast delivery of products, a professional and dedicated team and care and understanding for our customers. We have more than 10 years of experience in water sports and help our partners with merchandising and marketing. Restube offers various types of Restubes to guarantee the safety of your customers in the water. Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to represent Restube in your water sports range? Please contact ..@..